The Power of Words…

If only we would choose our words wisely..


Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

I found this photo on Pinterest and I thought this is perfect…

I can’t see her completely, Yet, I can see enough.

I can’t hear her..

Yet, I can almost hear her struggling to breath… Or is she?

Perhaps she does not want to be seen or heard

Suddenly, I understand her.

Yes, this is how I want others to view me most day’s

Through the smoke hidden and unclear

Yet, my view is clear in the mirror, I can’t lie to myself

I can see…I see where I am and know where I’ve been

I know, No matter how much I try to hide or cover me

I know He see’s me..

Through my pain and sorrow, I gently hear Him say,” This is not where you should be”

So I hide and wait until I can find my way again..

It’s His Love that still amazes me