where i belong
Redlands Ca

Bio: About me? I am a women with many struggles. I have learned my deepest struggles are within me. I grew up in greater Los Angeles area and was placed in one foster home after another and also lived in a girls home. I felt most safest in the street's... Staying in carports and laundry mats. I sought friends and who ever would take me in.. So long as I didn't have to go home.. Home? Was where I was running from.. In 1982 I got saved! I once sat close to Him. I knew His voice. His Grace and Mercy were boundless towards me Though I knew this and much more, it seems I often hung between two enemies Sorrow and Suffering. My life is riddled with trial's. Rape, Physical abuse and so much more. A In my weakness I ran as far as I could.. I wept and hung my head in shame. I was ashamed of all I had done but at the same time. Time and life brought me five daughters and ten grandchildren. I was greatly blessed and tested even greater. I knew, I had disqualified myself, from being used in anyway. For I was knee deep in sin.. This blog is about my trials and struggles . From the other side of the fence. Some day's I will share where I'm at spiritual and emotionally. I will share the darkness and consequences of my choices. But greater I will share all He has done and does.. for me. For if you know Christ , you know He never leaves His..

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