beautifully broken





As a women near 50, I have seen so much in my years.

  More then I wanted most days. 

I have often wondered if all of it  was really necessary ?

I have questioned some of the timing and delivery  and also

the duration of the pain.

(When will it stop hurting)?

When death comes to soon for a loved one.

When  life is stopped in the womb.

When evil robs the innocence of a child. 

When betrayed and deserted  by a loved one. 

When Hope is stolen , it can be so hard to be hopeful 

I know the brokenness of such sorrow and much more .  


As a believer I must trust in what I know and who I know

I know one day, Peace will come and evil will be stomp out . 

 I must press on for His glory and know all this brokenness is for a reason. 

May  we be beautifully broken for His Glory


 May God  bring healing, comfort, peace and understanding to us in our time of need
 be blessed : )


Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

I found this photo on Pinterest and I thought this is perfect…

I can’t see her completely, Yet, I can see enough.

I can’t hear her..

Yet, I can almost hear her struggling to breath… Or is she?

Perhaps she does not want to be seen or heard

Suddenly, I understand her.

Yes, this is how I want others to view me most day’s

Through the smoke hidden and unclear

Yet, my view is clear in the mirror, I can’t lie to myself

I can see…I see where I am and know where I’ve been

I know, No matter how much I try to hide or cover me

I know He see’s me..

Through my pain and sorrow, I gently hear Him say,” This is not where you should be”

So I hide and wait until I can find my way again..

It’s His Love that still amazes me