It’s 2am where do I begin….

I’m sitting in and old musty hotel room in Ventura soaking in a hot steamy bath.

Feeling like I have  been here before,like this is where I smoke a cigarette and cry a few tears.

  (I giggle), I don’t smoke and right now, no tears to cry.

Not this night ..not tonight.

So I keep counting the squares on the faded wallpaper. Soaking my tired cold body.
Not sure why we keep coming back to be this place . A smell greats you as you enter the room.The decor is worn and stained, nothing appealing.

I drape clean towels on the chairs just to sit, clear off the bathroom counter to unpack

 A small cafe sits in the front it too has seen brighter day’s.

Dated with brown cork ceilings and gold vein mirror.The waitresses look’s tired and a bit hard.

Over processed blond hair and tat’s covering her aged arm’s . I smile and she takes our order and she keeps rambling on about all the choices the kitchen offers.. I’m not really listening to her, my thought’s are more on her..

I imagine she has been here for years. Somehow I don’t think she really meant to stay as long as she did. I wonder what kept her?

Love or Sorrow?

I guess we all stay longer then we want in a relationship or job in darkness

Life can keeps us in small ports. Until we get the courage to move On and Out..

Sometimes it’s just easier to wait it out.

So tonight,  I will just keep soaking and wait…


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